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Phi Brows Microblading

PhiBrows Microblading is a unique method where extremely fine, hyper realistic hairstrokes are manually implanted into the skin. The hairstrokes always follow the client's bone structure and natural hair growth.

Combination Brow Microblading

Combination Brow Microblading

Combination Brows are unique to Elizabeth Oakes. Phibrows Microblading is followed by a soft shadow behind certain hairstrokes to add depth of colour to the body of the brow. This technique gives clients with little to no existing hair a more 3D brow.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permantent Makeup Eye Liner can be applied to the top, bottom or both lash lines. Elizabeth's techique puts the liner throughout the lash line. This makes the lashes look darker and fuller.

Areola Repigmentation

In this treatment, Elizabeth creates a unique, realistic, and three-dimensional areola and nipple using special shading techniques. 

(Also referred to as Breastethics)

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