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Why choose Elizabeth Oakes?



Elizabeth Oakes is a Master Educator within her field. This title was awarded to Elizabeth for her exceptional skills and knowledge in the area of Permanent Make Up. Elizabeth and her team can tailor make a brow to suit your requirements as they hold all the skills and techniques required to achieve different looks. (Hair strokes or a fuller shaded style)

Detailed eyebrow


Elizabeth has a great eye for detail and a steady hand - trademarks that have made her a world leader within the industry. This enables Elizabeth to keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in the permanent make up industry. 

Permanent Eyeliner


As a Master Educator in permanent make up, Elizabeth travels extensively to conferences worldwide.

Elizabeth has a highly skilled team of technicians who have all been intensely trained to the Elizabeth Oakes Elite standard. The treatments and experience you will receive are all in keeping with Elizabeth Oakes standard of excellence.

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