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Face lift

As part of our natural aging the cheeks deflate and hang down as jowls, a youthful jawline is replaced with sagging skin.

Fortunately, the 8 Point Lift can address this with the pinpoint placement of advanced dermal fillers.

In recent years this minimally invasive treatment has emerged. It involves treating the whole face to provide strategic support. Dermal fillers lift areas that have sagged with age and replace lost volume to refresh a tired face.

The effect is very natural, augmenting the best facial features subtly.

It involves minimal downtime with immediate results.

Elizabeth has done extensive research in both Ireland and the United Kingdom to find the most experienced and talented person to join our team. We are delighted to have an Aesthetic Doctor on our team with over 15 years of experience.  He is passionate about delivering beautiful and natural-looking results to all his patients.


Prices are available on request. 

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